When I bought this comic, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A long time fan of both Doc and Bats, this seemed like an interesting team-up and I wondered how they were going to manage their meeting. In researching the key phrase “First Wave,” I learned that was a miniseries coming that would feature a new DC universe in a standalone series, a world with no superpowers.

It will feature, along with Batman and Doc Savage, heroes such as the Avenger, the Spirit, Blackhawk, along with other characters from the heroic pulps. Brian Azzarello is the writer and Rags Morales will do the art. Azzarello and Phil Noto do the honors in this one shot that sets up the main series.

Batman has been operating in Gotham City about a month and no one is exactly sure about his motives yet. Sure, he’s been taking down criminals. But is it to stop them or clear the way for his own business. Why does he wear a mask and hide his identity?

Doc Savage comes to Gotham City to capture the Batman and end his crime wave. And Batman is supicious of Doc as well. At a gala to honor Doc’s arrival, a supposedly drunk Bruce Wayne argues with him, then takes a swing at him to test him before cooler heads separate them. Everyone apologizes for the drunken playboy, though Doc is not fooled. He could smell no alcohol on Wayne’s breath.

Batman’s investigations have uncovered a connection between Wayne Industries and the Hidalgo Trading Company. Both are investors in a supposed investment group called Golden Tree, which is tied to a criminal named Dowd. He was dead when the Batman came to his offices, shot through the head, and he’s now been accused of outright murder. At this point in his career, Batman carries a couple of .45s.

We won’t go into how all this is resolved, then opens up the series to come later in 2010.

It was fun to see the two heroes battling each other and I look forward to the First Wave books. They sound like they might be fun.