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My adopted team had a misstep this week. I don’t get the NFL Network, so all I had was highlights to go by. They seemed to play bad in the first half, only three points, then rallied in the second a little late. They let the Cowboys beat them 24-17, but I won’t hold that against them, much as I dislike their opponent.

The undefeated season is gone, but that may be for the best. They were still likely to win home field advantage throughout the playoffs anyway, but that was almost guaranteed by the Panthers trouncing the Vikings last night.

You’re welcome, Charles.

The Panthers played the best I’ve seen them in a while in the night game. The Vikings looked almost helpless as they went down 26-7. Peppers harried Favre all night long, rushing passes and getting one sack(four total for the team), causing one pick in the end zone. Stewart rushed for 107 yards(the first given up by the Vikings in 36 games). Matt Moore was 21/33 for 299 yards and three TDs.

It will be interesting to see what happens next year with Moore and Jake.

The Jets probably ended their playoff hopes in losing to the Falcons 10-7 in a pretty ugly game in the cold. One mishandled field goal snap, one missed field goal, and one blocked attempt certainly didn’t help their cause.

We’ve still got the ‘Skins tonight against the Giants. Doesn’t look good. The Giants need this one bad in their hopes for a playoff berth.


That first half was ugly. I didn’t expect much as the ‘Skins didn’t have much to play for, but WHEW! 24-0 and it wasn’t that close.

I’m going to bed.