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John Ireland stars as the Colonel in this 1968 western. As the movie opens, he’s looking for his two partners in a bank robbery that double-crossed him and disappeared with $200,000 in loot. One, Roy Fulton(Gordon Mitchell), had been shot in the gut in the heist and Ireland finds him being buried. That leaves the third partner, Il Portoghese, to find.

When the Colonel tracks him down, he learns that the funeral had been faked and the fat man knows where Fulton is hiding. That’s where the pair head.

The priest that had done the burial, Glenn(George Hilton), was a fake and Fulton’s new partner. The coffin held the bank loot. He goes for a doctor and when he returns, Fulton is gone and Glenn believes he’s been double-crossed. Digging the coffin up, he’s surprised to find the money gone and Fulton’s body there instead.

This was an okay movie, but it was filled with coincidence and double-cross. dead-for-a-dollar-movie-poster-1968-1020250335The Colonel crosses the Portoghese and leaves him afoot, barefoot, and takes the money. Along comes Glenn, who stops when he sees a man lying in the road. It’s a trap and now Glenn is left afoot. The fat man catches up and is ready to kill his ex-partner until he finds that the money has been hidden. They slug it out until both are worn down, then decide-what the hell?-let’s split the money, each heading for the “only” woman they trusted. Turns out to be the same woman, Liz(Sandra Milo).

Meanwhile Glenn goes to town, only having a description of Fulton’s two partners: a fat Portoghese and the Colonel who wears a heavy ring. He wanders into the wrong room, it’s dark, and gets invited to bed by a woman who thinks he’s her man. When her man arrives, a fight breaks out, disturbing the one in the next room, who just happens to be the Colonel.

Liz is the next double-cross, who grabs the money and leaves town. A gang10882661_det shows up, lead by the banker who wants his half of the money for the robbery he arranged. He’s then double-crossed by the gang and teams up with the three men and Liz to take them on.

Everyone is out for themselves in this one and the double-crosses are not through yet. A decent western, but not outstanding. About a B-, maybe a C.

The silliest thing happens near the end of the movie when Glenn and Liz are enjoying a turkey dinner in her rooms. Why we were subjected to extreme close-ups of their lips gnawing and chewing the bird, I have no idea. I suppose it was some sort of sexual innuendo as it ended with Liz licking her lips, her forefinger, and extinquishing a candle with the damp digits.

Really strange.