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The last undefeated team went down today, really by their own hand, as the Jets beat the Colts 29-15. They really buy into that resting their main players and giving those with nicks and bump-ups time to heal a bit after things are in hand(as in home field advantage). Apparently, the coach’s word is law there, unlike up at the Vikings camp where Favre and Childress are in the midst of a childish spat over who runs the team.

There’s still a jumble for the two AFC wild card spots, but it’s not nearly as complicated as one might assume. I can see five teams with 8-7 records and two more with 7-8 and a not very likely shot. But… all the Jets and Ravens have to do is win and they are in. That’s it. Nothing else matters. The rest are really at the mercy of those two teams. But any losses by those two complicates matters and THAT I’m not going to try to figure.

The Panthers played very well yesterday in swamping the Giants 41-9, virtually eliminating the New York team from the playoffs(they still technically had a shot until the Cowboys won over the ‘Skins later in the day).

Stewart rushed for 206 yards in 28 carries with one TD. Moore threw for three TDs, one to Steve Smith who received a broken forearm on the play while managing to hold onto the ball. The defense looked good as usual, picking off Manning twice, sacking him four times, and recovering two fumbles.

Once again I wonder what next season will bring with Moore and Jake.

The ‘Skins played better this week than that whatever the F last week. Didn’t help as the offense is pretty beat up with a number of their starters out of the game. They went down to the Cowboys 17-0.

Which brings us to the Saints. I’m not sure what’s up with them. All we got was the overtime after the Panthers. I know they went up 17-0, then let the Bucs come back to tie and force the overtime, never getting their hands on the ball, losing by a field goal.

Which puts me in a quandary for next week. The Panthers and the Saints play. A win for the Panthers would let them finish 8-8, a nice recovery from the 0-3 start. But I certainly don’t want the Saints to stumble into the playoffs with a three game losing streak.

I think I might have to go with the Saints.