The mighty Vikings, led by diva Brett Favre, dropped their second game in a row, their third of the last four, to a Bears team they had humbled much earlier in the season. They have shot them selves in the foot first, for home team advantage in the NFC playoffs(the Saints get that), and now have probably done so for #2 seed(is that shot themselves in two feet).

All the Eagles have to do is beat the Cowboys(go Eagles) in their final game and they get the #2 seed. No bye week then. Even the Cardinals have a shot at that seed if they win and both the Eagles and Vikings lose.

It looks like that little dust-up between Favre and Childress that finally boiled over last week is wearing down the Vikings. I’m sorry for the rest of the team, and their fans, but, as the pair “sold their souls”, so to speak, for that elusive Super Bowl championship, I’m not real sympathetic to them.

They could still win of course. Unless they can find that edge they seem to have lost, it won’t happen though.