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This may not be forgotten. RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL was re-released in 1994 by Red House. I’m not even sure of the original release date. One source says 1967, another 1969, though the re-release is supposed to be the twenty-fifth anniversary. It’s been around a good while any any rate.

I first became aware of it reading one of Spider Robinson’s Callahan’s Bar short stories where characters sang it’s praises. I was intrigued enough to track it down. The Round House release certainly made it easy to find.

And I loved it.

In 1963, Spider John Koerner, along with Dave Ray and Tony Glover, changed folk music, bringing a blues edge to their music. Their album, Blues, Rags, and Hollers, was different, decidedly from The Kingston Trio or Peter, Paul, and Mary of the era.

RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL combined the musical talents of Spider John and Willie Murphy, producing an album crossing folk with that old hoedown style and John’s distinctive voice made a delectable combination with Willie Murphy’s(one of the three charter members of the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame along with Bob Dylan and Prince) piano and bass set the tone for an album still remembered in certain circles.

The first clip features Spider John with Tony Glover and Dave Ray twenty years after that 1962 release, in 1982. It highlights that distinctive voice mentioned earlier.

and the second is a clip of Spider and Tony from 2007.

The final is a very short clip of Murphy & Koerner, the only thing I located with them together.