I first came across this band in an article in the April 2010 issue of Realms of Fantasy magazine. Consisting of Ritchie Blackmore, he of Deep Purple and Rainbow renown, and Candace Night. They met in 1989 and started working together. Both had an interest in the Renaissance period and began combining his talents with an acoustic guitar and her vocal talents with renaissance-folk rock, performing in front of audiences dressed in period costumes. The videos have a touch of fantasy elements as well.

To date, they’ve released seven studio albums, a couple of live sets, and are working on a new album. I’m just beginning to learn about them myself and like what I’ve heard so far. Blackmore’s guitar work, especially on the third clip, is exemplary.

It’s a very soothing and beautiful music.

This first clip is the title song of their debut release:

Two more favorites:

And it looks like so much more to check out.