CHIMES is an ebook by Charles Gramlich available now from Damnation Books and I heartily recommend it. The price is right and, if interested, go to Charles’ blog, RAZORED ZEN, for the link to get there and a short article about his story, as well as what he has planned.

The story is set in New Orleans and a hurricane is coming in. Dena Parker is awakened by her porch chimes tinkling and knows the hurricane is getting close. Then she realizes something else. She’d brought the chimes in and humg them in the living room.

“Someone is in the house!”

Alone with her young son, the phone to the police is busy, the hurricane you know, so she goes for the gun she’d bought her husband after he’d been raped by a masked intruder one night when she was away. He’d been unable to deal with it and had gone away.

She was left to deal with it herself. In short order, she finds a design drawn on her open glass door, a design all to familiar. She’d seen her husband drawing it all to often, a tattoo that had belonged to the rapist, all he remembered of the incident.

Thus begins the harrowing tale of a mother defending her child. There’s nothing so tough as a mother in that situation. I thought I knew where this tale was going a couple of times and Charles got me each one. That’s the mark of a fine tale that it keeps surprising you.

CHIMES resonated with me as well. A similar incident happened to me as a child. Nothing so dramatic as this, though, but a drunken neighbor trying to get into the house one night when I was thirteen and had been deemed old enough to look after my two younger sisters while Mom was at work. It was even in the middle of a thunderstorm. Fortunately, there was no problem with the phones and I called the police.

I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s not expensive and was a good, fast read.