TWO WORLDS OF POUL ANDERSON is a reasonably priced chapbook from World Science Fiction Library AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON HERE that collects two stories of the science fiction master. One, INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, was originally published in the September 1963 issue of Analog and DUEL ON SYRTIS from the March 1951 Planet Stories.


Mike Blades and Jimmy Chung had started Blades Enterprise together, a private company intent on mining an asteroid in the Belt of metals and anything else within. A loan from the bank of Ceres financed it and they were engaged in drilling tunnels and setting up operations when the American warship went into orbit around it and the Captain and a few officers came aboard the Blade for a tour. They were out testing a new weapons system.

When the Captain later apprised them that an accident had occurred, and an atomic weapon was loose somewhere, it was suggested that the mining operation be abandoned for safety’s sake until the rogue weapon could be found. If it detonated beforehand, radiation would kill everyone on the asteroid.

Mike Blades smelled a rat though. The new Social Justice party had swept into office in America and they abhorred private enterprise. He wasn’t about to take it lying down.


Riordan was a rich man who’d inherited a fortune and built it into an even more wealthy mass. He was always looking for more challenges. He’d hunted creatures on all the planets of the system. Now he wanted a Martian skin to add to his trophy room. Of course, since the war was long over, Martian slavery was a thing of the past.

As a rich man, though, Riordan was used to getting his way. He wanted a Martian. And not one of the tame townies. A wild Martian! There were few left, but he got his way. He set out with his hunting animals, the Martian equivalent of a hound and a hawk, and a rifle designed for the thin atmosphere of Mars.

Riordan expected a challenging hunt. Nothing less for a man of his wealth and stature. But he expected to win in the end.

Of course, the Martian, Kreega, had other ideas.

* * * * *

I enjoyed these two older tales by Mr. Anderson accompanied by black-and-white illustrations by Leo Summer.