Maybe I’m listening in the wrong places these days, but I don’t hear much about George Thorogood anymore. Oh, you hear a few of the songs on the radio, but he is sixty now and the bluesy sound he plays is probably not relevant to the young folks these days.

I first saw him and his band, The Delaware Destroyers, on some long forgotten TV program. It may have been Soundstage on PBS, now that I think about it.Maybe not. I just remember it was a nightclub setting and the band hadn’t been playing but a couple of minutes before the crowd was up dancing among the tables. I know my foot had begun to tap and, likely, if I’d had a partner at the time, we’d have been dancing as well. And let me tell you, me dancing is not a pretty sight. Just ask the lady with which I used to hit the local dance club floors.

The music certainly had an energy and George Thorogood’s fingers flew over the strings in a manic frenzy that brought out beautiful solos while he strutted across the stage.

I immediately went out and looked for a record by them. And I mean record. It was that far back. 1978. Their current release at the time was MOVE IT ON OVER, the second from Rounder Records, a small blues label. No original material, all covers, it was the album that put him over. The band never attained the level of a major band. He played the arenas and did well, but the band always seemed more at home in that night club setting that I first saw them.

George has recorded some memorable songs(Bad To The Bone, I Drink Alone, Get A Haircut(and Get a Real Job), One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer). Two other songs you still might hear on the radio came from this release: Move It On Over, the Hank Williams tune, and Who Do You Love?, from Bo Diddley.

and probably his best known song: BAD TO THE BONE. George is joined in the video by Bo Diddley.