I wasn’t sure what this book was going to be like when I started reading it. Larry Maddock(Jack Jardine) was a favorite writer of mine from my teenage years. He was the author of my favorite science fiction series from that time, AGENT OF T.E.R.R.A., and I wondered what I might be getting myself into here.

Published in 1963, GIRLS ON SIN STREET is subtitled An Anthology of Pros(think about that one for a moment). What it is is a collection of short stories about those ladies of the evening, prostitutes. There are no credits to indicate that they might have appeared singly in other venues and the tales cover all facets of that line of work. We have seasoned pros, college girls just getting into the business, bored housewives, women regretting choices made. And the men: college boys with more money than sense, cab drivers, two soldiers planning a whore house in Algiers during WWII and taking ten years for that dream to come to fruition.
There are even a few science fiction stories in the mix.

I suppose in 1063, these tales might have been a bit salacious, but compared to your average story today, they are restrained. I liked them. Whatever they were, Maddock didn’t beat down the ladies here, make them appear as dirty. They made choices to survive and prosper as each of us do today.

I’m glad I found this one.