I’ve posted on this band before, a Finnish group of classically trained cellists formed in 1993 that transpose metal, as well as other types of music, not to mention more and more original stuff as the years went past, into cello music. They started with four, added drums a few years later, and two have since moved on. At first, it was all Metallica covers, but they’ve covered various other musicians as well. One particular favorite is their Stairway To Heaven(I’m including it at the bottom).

The album here is mostly original material one of the band, Toppinen, wrote, or co-wrote with guest musicians performing on the album. There are even a few tracks with vocals.

The current line-up has Eicca Toppinen, Pavo Lotjonen, Perttu Kivalaakso, all on cello, and Mikko Siren on drums.