1: The Ark: archaeologist `Dilara Kenner goes on an adventure tied to her missing father, his obsession with finding the biblical ark, and the possible death of billions. And someone doesn’t want her looking.

2. Girls on Sin Street a collection of short stories by Larry Maddock(Jack Jardine), author of the Agent of T.E.R.R.A. series when I was a teenager. The stories are all about the ladies of the evening and carries the subtitle An Anthology of Pros(think about that one for a second).

3 + 4: one of the old Ace doubles. Read The Sun Smasher and flip the book over for Starhaven. Recommended by James Reasoner.

5: Bitter Steel: a collection of stories and poems of fantasy by the author of the Talers novels, Cold In The Light, and Write With Fire.

6: The Sword of Langor: another novel by Jack Jardine(Howard L. Cory) in the Sword and Planet style of fantasy.

7: Blockade Billy: two novellas by the master of horror, except here the horror is not supernatural, but the evil created by man.

8: Sidewinder: Mankiller, Colorado: a new western featuring Bo Creel and Scratch Morton, two longtime friends getting on in years.

9: The Wall Around The World: a collection of short science fiction recommended by Richard Robinson on his fine blog. My cover is different from the one he posted.

10: Find My Killer: Bill Crider posted on this one for Forgotten Books. My cover is different. By a fine fantasy writer.