1. The Captain Midnight Chronicles: from Moonstone: Star of a radio Program in the forties, a television series in the fifties. Not to mention comic strips, comic books, and movie serials. A WWI ace who led the Secret Squadron during WWII. A collection of new stories.

2: Snowbound – Richard S. Wheeler: a biographical novel built around John C. Fremont’s fourth and last mission into the unexplored, at least by white men, western part of America.

3: 12 Worlds of Alan E. Nourse: 12 works of science fiction by one of the early writers in the genre.

4: Dance Back The Buffalo – Milton Lott: a novel based on historical events with the Sioux Ghost Dancers.

5: Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan – John Flanagan; first book in the young adult series by the Australian writer about Will, a boy to small to be a warrior. But becoming a Ranger, a sort of wizard, is next best thing.