Ratt started out I would imagine as all bands do, wanting to make their music, get big, make lots of money, and be remembered long after they fell from public view. They started off fine, but along the way turned into one of those godawful “Hair Bands” of the eighties. Spandex and poofed-up hair, make-up, seemingly ten million screaming teenage girls pursuing their every move.

But they didn’t start out that way.

The Ratt EP pictured here was released in late 1983 on an independent rock label and started to draw some attention. When they signed with a bigger label, I suppose they were pressed to do something more commercial. Out of The Cellar was a pretty good album as well, but they soon disappeared(at least for me) in the haze of hair bands and videos on MTV at the time.

But this EP(I still have my vinyl copy, though I haven’t heard it in years) showcased a hard rock outfit that could stand with most, if not all the metal bands working during the period. Seven songs, six originals and one cover of a cover. Walking The Dog was a cover of Aerosmith’s version of the Rufus Thomas song. One song, Back For More, appeared in a rerecorded version on Out of The Cellar. Those legs on the cover belong to Tawney Kitaen, better known as the hot redhead in the Whitesnake videos.

The line-up: all songs by Sephen Pearcy, singer, and the late Robin Crosby, guitarist( Warren DeMartini as well on You’re In Trouble)

1: Sweet Cheater

2: You Think You’re Tough

3: U Got It

4:You’re In Trouble(European release only)

5: Tell The World

6: Back For More

7: Walkin’ The Dog(Thomas)