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129: CR: Quarry’s Cut – Max Allan Collins

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131: WE: The Lone Ranger: The Phantom Rider! – Fran Striker

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133: MY: Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out – Lee Goldberg

134: CR: Guilty(ebook) – Lee Goldberg

135: WE: Trouble In Tombstone – Richard S. Wheeler

136: CR: A Policeman’s Lot(ebook) – Gary M. Dobbs

137: AD: Capture The Saint(ebook) – Burl Barer

138: AD: The Saint In New York – Leslie Charteris

139: SF: Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and The Shadows of Mindor – Matthew Stover

140: SF: Countdown To Armageddon/A Stranger In Paradise – Edward M. Lerner

141: WE: The Best Western Stories of Ed Gorman – edited by Bill Pronzini & Martin H. Greenberg

142: SF: Cap Kennedy: The Eater of Worlds – Gregory Kern

143: CR: Murder Is My Business – Brett Halliday(Davis Dresser)

144: SF: 12 Worlds of Alan E. Nourse – Alan E. Nourse

145: WE: A Time For Hanging(ebook) – Bill Crider