When Richard Robinson posted on this, I had a feeling it was going to be one I liked.

No explosions, no space battles, no heroic figures battling against imposing odds. Just ordinary folks, I think I might fit in nicely aboard the LOIS MCKENDRICK, trying to make a living on a space freighter moving between systems.

Sound dull? Not in the least. Nathan Lowell’s style has been compared to Heinlein and Anderson, but like all good writers, thost two esteemed gentlemen could not have written this book.

QUARTER SHARE is the first book in the Solar clipper series and began life, like the other four completed volumes as podcasts. This is the first to hit paperback and the other four are being prepared for book publication. He’s also hard at work on the sixth book. Ridan Publishing is the book publisher.

Now I’m old school and prefer book in hand, though I do have Amazon’s free kindle application and have picked up some things not available in paper format, enjoying them more than I thought I might.

A lot of modern science fiction I’ve tried leaves me a bit cold. After Mr. Lowell, my other favorite among newer writers is John Scalzi. I’m certain there are others out there I will like and maybe I’ll stumble across a review somewhere, like Richard’s, that will put me on the trail.

That TBR pile looks pretty shaky though. I maybe should move before it….ACK!