Pass Island off the North Carolina coast was where the rich people lived and played. There were all kinds of services for them. Sharon Brennan was a waitress at the club and Max Chase was a handyman/dock worker. They didn’t live on the island, having to take a ferry ride to and from the island every day.

Max was an amiable fellow which was why Sharon accepted his offer of a ride(her car had been taken by a repo man that morning as she arrived for work). The island was in the process of being evacuated of residents because a category five hurricane was bearing down on the island, but the workers must keep the ones still there happy so they had to work up until the last moment. To top things off, payday was tomorrow and the boss was so hidebound they would have to return to the islands to get their checks. “That’s the way we’ve always done things!” Never mind that the checks would be on the same ferry upon which they were riding out to the island.

Max gives Sharon and her daughter a ride that morning and as they waited on their checks, the daughter, Glory, wanders off to look for her iPod she’d lost the day before. Then Sharon and Max go looking for her. The upshot is they get left behind. Alone on the island.

Only they are not alone!

A group of mercenaries had came on to the island the day before. They were after something in a Senator’s house. Only the leader knew what it was. The Senator’s office and apartment in Washington had been burgled looking for it. So it had to be in a safe on the island home. The plan was to break into the safe and then be picked up when the eye was over the island.

Things didn’t go as planned.

First Sharon and Glory were captured and it was left up to Max Chase to rescue them.

You see, Max Chase had only been Max Chase for a couple of years. Before that he was Kyle Mercer, which wasn’t his real name either. Working out of Chicago, he’d been a hit man/bodyguard type who had killed a man because he needed killing. That was a phrase that ran through Mercer’s brain often. When he’d killed someone sleazy, but a government informant, it set the FBI after him.

Time to retire.

He’d enjoyed Max Chase’s life, but Ray Mercer had come out of hibernation when the stone cold killers threatened Sharon and Glory. And like the proverbial grizzly, those mercs didn’t realize just what they’d awakened.

Nice little thriller from J. D. “Dusty” Rhoades, the author of the Jack Keller bail bondsman series, as well as the standalone thriller, Breaking Cover. STORM SURGE is his first ebook release available HERE at a very reasonable price.

Being a North Carolina boy like Mr. Rhoades, I like novels set in the state. Check it out. It’s very good.