1 & 2 : Ace Double reprinting the first two books in the Dumarest of Terra series in one volume. E. C. Tubb.

It’s thousands of years in the future and humankind has spread throughout the galaxy. Earl Dumarest is a traveler, one of those who “tours” the inhabited planets by landing on one and finding a job while he explores to save money for passage to the next world. He’d stowed away at ten on a ship that landed on Earth and had been to over a hundred worlds by now. He wants to go home but has no idea how to find Earth and humans are so widespread no has even heard of Earth, let alone believes he’s from there.

There are certain worlds he won’t visit where earning passage would be impossible. Now he’s marooned on Gath, strictly a playground for the wealthy. The ship he’d booked passage has been hired by one of the wealthy and everyone but him, he’d already been placed in hibernation, had been bumped.

Now he’s been marooned on Gath and must take a desperate gamble to win passage. And someone wants him dead. Why he doesn’t know. He’s also hung up between two factions on the planet.

3: The Killer of Little Shepherds(review copy) – Douglas Starr: A true crime story of Joseph Vacher, a serial killer that roamed the French countryside in the mid-1890s, killing five boys, five girls, and a woman(all he confessed to though as many as twenty-five were suspected). The book is as much about the beginnings of forensic science and two men who eventually put it all together, put put the word, and then had to extract a confession from Vacher.

4: Beat To A Pulp: Round One (PDF file, review copy)-edited by David Cranmer & Elaine Ash: a forthcoming anthology of stories from the webzine BEAT TO A PULP, a zine devoted to stories in the old pulp style, well told tales of action. Herein you have crime, horror, westerns, science fiction, pirate stories, and some that don’t fit the mold. There’s even one unpublished story, THE STRANGE DEATH OF AMBROSE BIERCE, by Paul S. Powers from the old pulp days found by his granddaughter in his papers.