HUNT THROUGH NAPOLEON’S WEB is the sixth and, likely, the last Gabriel Hunt novel. Only six were contracted for and with all the changes going on at Dorchester Publishing, the odds seem long we will see anymore in this series. It will be too bad if that’s so.

Gabriel Hunt’s sister Lucy has been kidnapped by an organization called Alliance of The Pharoahs and the ransom is Gabriel Hunt himself. He is given a place to meet them. No other information.

He first heads to Nice where Lucy lived to look for clues to where she might have been taken. There he hooks up with a beautiful young Frenchwoman named Sammi, Lucy’s friend, a magician and escape artist.

The kidnappers’ representative tells Hunt that they want him to find a second rosetta stone. Found in Napoleon’s papers was mention of a second stone and the fact that it was hidden away, protected by several traps designed by Napoleon and descendants of the original guards. The organization has been looking for the stone for thirty years and now want Hunt’s help. After all, it’s his line. They give him one choice.

Find the stone or Lucy dies!

Gabriel’s mission is twofold: rescue Lucy because he knows they won’t let any of them leave alive and keep the stone out of their hands. Something in the papers lend everyone involved to believe there’s a secret to great power there.

The trail leads Gabriel Hunt across the world to Marrakesh then Corsica. Plenty of action here as one has come to expect in a Hunt novel. I liked it.

The book is supposed to be released today. On Dorchester’s web site, they say books would be available on announced dates as ebooks, then trade paperbacks would follow in six months or so. They say it will be available at all regular sites, Amazon being one mentioned. However, at Amazon, they’re still touting it as a mass market paperback and have a little box that says: WANT TO READ THIS ON KINDLE. LET THE PUBLISHER KNOW.

What’s up with that?