Is there some sort of Paul Newman thing going on that I don’t know about?

Back on Saturday, August 21st, I posted a DVR alert because Turner Classic was running a block of Newman films during the day, four of which ranked among my favorites. It’s completely out of date at this point.

Except for the last couple of weeks, that post has been inundated with hits. Yesterday alone, I had 167. i8 already today and it’s just 4:30 am as I write this. In the past week, I’ve gotten 659 hits. Yesterday set a record for the most hits on the blog in a single day, breaking the previous record of the day before yesterday. The record before that point goes back a couple of years to Easter when I posted a clutch of adorable pictures of cats, dogs, and rabbits looking a lot alike called identity theft(and for which Charles gave me a justified ration about)HAH!

I just don’t know why such a post is taking large hits, large for me anyway.