I stumbled across this album in 1990 and, thinking it looked interesting, picked it up. Little did I know just how good this was until I played it(the first purchase happened to be a cassette). Blues influenced, one can find traces of Buddy Guy, Otis Redding(Reddings’ Hard to Handle is one of the best tunes on the set), not to mention early Rolling Stones.

The band has been through ups and downs over the years with singer Chris Robinson leaving the band, a hiatus, reunion, and line-up changes. For six years Robinson was married to actress Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn’s daughter. They had a daughter which they share joint custody and Robinson has since remarried with a child from that one.

The line up of tunes is:

1: Twice as Hard

2: Jealous Again

3: Sister Luck

4: Could I’ve Been So Blind

5: Seeing Things

6: Hard To Handle(Allen Jones, Alvertis Isbell, Otis Redding)

7: Thick N’ Thin

8: She Talks To Angels

9: Struttin” Blues

10: Stare It Cold

11: Live Too Fast Blues/Mercy Sweet Moan

All songs written by Chris and Rich Robinson except where noted.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the album:

Just the two Robinson brothers:

And I’ll even throw in a favorite from their second album, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion: