1: The Dead Path(review copy) – Stephen M. Irwin: first novel by the Australian author. A Horror novel about a man, Nicholas Close, a man who sees apparitions. One deep in the woods sets off a series of accidents, leaving Close a widower. Guilt-stricken, he begins to be haunted by ghosts-tortured souls who died before their time and endure their violent final moments in an endless loop. These ghosts lead Close down a path to an evil that has been waiting for him since his childhood. In an attempt to escape, he returns to his childhood home only to become entangled in a disturbing series of disappearances and murders.

2: Fatal Error – F. Paul Wilson: Urban fantasy. Wilson is bringing his Repairman Jack series to a close. Only one more novel to come before Nightworld, the end of civilization as we know it. His intention is to update Nightworld, published in 1992. FATAL ERROR is set in February of Year Zero which ends in May.

3: Come Seven, Come Death – edited by Henry Morrison: a collection of short stories from Richard S. Prather, Harold Q. Masur, Henry Kane, Jonathon Craig, Frank Kane, Richard Deming, and Stephen Marlowe. Each author presents a tale from their own character that appeared in mystery novels.

4: Rancho Diablo: Shooter’s Cross(ebook) – Colby Jackson: first in the new series of westerns by Colby Jackson, James Reasoner, Bill Crider, and Mel Odom.

5: Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine # 4: not really a magazine, but a trade paperback in magazine format. As in previous releases, one Doyle Holmes story is reprinted, an original pastiche, short stories by different writers. A review of the HOLMES movie as well as the regular columns.

6: Beat To A Pulp: Round One: the book is finally out and a handsome edition it is. Short stories in a variety of genres written with an old pulp feel.

7: The Green Hornet Chronicles – edited by Joe Gentile & Win Scott Eckert: short stories based on the old radio serial character. Appeared on television as well and Van Williams, the TV Hornet, gives the introduction.

8: The Double Take – Roy Huggins: A novel with private eye Stuart Bailey. The character also appeared in a few shorter works. This paperback edition was released in 1948. When Huggins got into television work, he placed the character Bailey in 77: Sunset Strip with Efram Zimbalist appearing as Bailey.