I’ve been a fan of Fredric Brown’s science fiction work for years. I discovered him at a young age when SF was my primary reading genre and that’s what I looked for. As books are shelved by genre, I wasn’t really aware of his crime novels and had no idea what I was missing. Then the internet came along and as i moved into that, exploring right along, my ignorance began to change in the last few years. I ran across a clip of Mickey Spillane on some talk show and he mentioned THE FABULOUS CLIPJOINT as a favorite book and led to me posting on it Here.

Then Ed Gorman blogged about this book Here and I had to run this one down. A truly different novel and the ending took me completely be surprise. As I neared the end of this quick read, I was trying to figure where Brown was headed.

I missed by a bit.

I have THE SCREAMING MIMI and a couple of shorter works waiting in the computer on my Kindle app. I thing I’m moving them up a bit on the books to get at soonest.