1: His Name Was Death – Fredric Brown: He’d killed his wife the year before and gotten away with it. Each succeeding murder was easier than the last. One of the best crime novels of the 1950s.

2: Kalin – E. C. Tubb: book four of the Dumarest of Terra series. Kalin was her name and she was a sensitive, able to see into the future. Earl Dumarest saves her from a mob intent on murder and the pair leave the planet. An aborted takeover of the starship results in it’s destruction, Earl and Kalin barely escaping in a pod. from there they are rescued by a slave ship and he uses the last of his funds to book passage, escaping the mines on the planet of destination.

Of course they are broke with no way to get off the planet and, unknown to Dumarest, someone important is looking for the girl.

3: The Coming Event – E. C. Tubb: book 26 in the Dumarest series. Dumarest knows the Terridae known something about Earth, but they won’t tell him. Only that an event is near. A Cyclan ship, those human computers, is coming also.

4: Side Jobs – Jim Butcher: urban fantasy. A collection of shorter works featuring Harry Dresden, wizard/detective.

5: The Book of Murdock – Loren D. Estleman: the latest in the Page Murdock western series. Posing as a priest, Page Murdock is investigating a gang of ruthless bandits terrorizing the Texas panhandle. Owen, Texas seems to be their base of operations.