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Scott suggested something with a Christmas theme since next month the Holidays will be past. You asked for it, Scott.

I’m not sure how forgotten this CD is as it was released in 2006 and was a hiit at the time. Twisted Sister was big back in the early eighties, a mix of metal, glam rock, and punk. Dee Snider, head Sister, was at the center for hearings about labeling pop music as to content to protect the kids(grown-ups never seem to realize, and forget what it was like when they were children, that if you tell them NOT to do something they will; labeling music was a godsend to the music industry, though they will never admit it, and only made the kids want it even more than they would have if the adults had just stayed out of it).

The band had it’s problems over the years and split, reforming, still occasionally touring, and doing a final Christmas album in their inimitable style.

Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving.