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Another bad week for my teams.

The Panthers played the Browns and it was former Panther QB Jake Delhomme starting against his old team, his first since week one when an ankle injury sidelined him. He began strong, then threw two straight picks early in the second half, one returned for a touchdown. The Browns kicked a field goal late to take a one point lead. Then Clausen, trying to drive the team into range for a game winner, threw a pick and I thought it was over. The Panthers defense held, though, and the boys got the ball back with about a minute left and no timeouts. I was sure they’d win when reliable Kasay had a forty-two yard attempt for the win, only to have it bounce off the left upright. Final score 24-23 Cleveland.

Ah well.

The ‘Skins lost to the Vikings 17-13. The game wasn’t carried in my area so I don’t know any particulars. The stats say Favre threw no TDs or picks though.

My lone salvation was the Jets on Thanksgiving taking down the Bengals 26-10. They appear to be my sole hope for anything in the playoffs and, as I’ve said, they have a history in the last forty years of teasing, but not delivering. Keeping my fingers crossed.