204: WE: Longarm and The Golden Eagle Shoot-Out – Tabor Evans

205: SF: Written In Time – Jerry & Sharon Ahern

206: FA: Witch & Wizard: Battle For Shadowland(graphic novel) – James Patterson & Dara Naraghi

207: CR: Point of Reference – Richard Russell

208: SF: Star Smashers of The Galaxy Rangers – Harry Harrison

209: CR: The Lone Wolf(ebook) – Louis Joseph Vance

210: SF: Dumarest of Terra: The Jester At Scar – E. C. Tubb

211: CR: Dealing, or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues – “Michael Douglas”

212: SF: The Invaders – Keith Laumer

213: SF: The Invaders: Enemies From Beyond – Keith Laumer

214: WE: The Lone Ranger: Heritage of The Plains – Fran Striker

215: WE: The Lone Ranger: Lone Star Renegade – Fran Striker

216: WE: The Lone Ranger: Death’s Head Vengeance – Fran Striker

217: AD: G-8 and His Battle Aces: Bombs From The Murder Wolves – Robert J. Hogan

218: CR: The Yellow Overcoat – Frank Gruber

219: SF: The Invaders: Army of The Undead – Rafe Bernard

220: FA: The Solomon Kane Collection(ebook) – Robert E. Howard

221: WE: Blood Feud – David Robbins

222: AD: The Green Hornet In The Infernal Light – Ed Friend

223: TH: Vanilla Ride – Joe R. Lansdale

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