1: Gun Work – J. Lee Butts: a novel in the series of the exploits of Deputy U. S. Marshall Hayden Tilton. Here he’s tracking down the Coltrane brothers who butchered the Cassidy family and made off with their daughter.

2: Bad Blood – J. Lee Butts: a novel of Texas Ranger Lucius “By God” Dodge who totes a twelve gauge shotgun, three pistols, a derringer, and a knife. He’s looking for Ruby Black, the missing niece of his commander. The trail leads him to Iron Bluff and the feud between the Tingwell and Pitt clans.

3: Sundown At Crazy Horse – Vechel Howard: one man chasing another. A Marshall and an outlaw. The trail leads into Texas where the Marshall has no authority. The outlaw finds the old girl friend he’s looking for and, finally, the two men forge an uneasy alliance to move the family and their cattle herd to Wyoming, promising to settle their feud at the end of the line in Crazy Horse.

4: Before She Kills – Fredric Brown: a collection of mystery stories by the noted author of numerous works of mystery and science fiction in the forties and fifties.