I had a good day on my picks Last Saturday. Four for four. I only hope the percentages today will be as good.

The three o’clock game today has the Green Bay Packers coming into Chicago, renewing their ancient rivalry with the Bears. The longest standing such in the NFL. The two teams have played 181 times in their long history, but, surprisingly, this will be only the second time the two have meet in the playoffs. The first was for the NFL Championship in 1941 where, if memory serves, the year before the Bears waxed the Redskins 73-0 for the championship. No, I’m not quite that old all you wags. I’ve just heard about it.

I think the Packers will take this one. Their offense is better and the defense is pretty close to that of the Bears. Tough game, but the Packers prevail.

The late game will be the big one for me. The New York Jets at the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jets have been on a roll of late, taking down first Peyton Manning and his Colts, then the impossible, according to many, beating the Patriots in New England. Remember they lost up there just a few weeks before 45-3. A lot of trash talking went on back and forth between the two during the week before. It apparently worked for the Jets as they took the vaunted Patriots down, sacking Brady five times.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I’ll go with the Jets once more. It’s worked twice despite the opinions of all the “professionals” and I’m hoping one more time.

Go Jets!