1. Psychosomatic(ebook) – Anthony Neil Smith: the crime author’s first novel available for the first time as an ebook.

2. Choke On Your Lies(ebook) – Anthony Neil Smith: the crime author’s latest novel available as an ebook.

3. Tom Swift and The Electronic Hydrolung(ebook) – Victor Appleton: I couldn’t resist picking this one up. Another I don’t think I read as a child.

4: The Snake Den(ebook) – Chuck Tyrell; first western our friend Gary Dobbs purchased for Solstice’s new western ebook line.

5: Wild West Anthology(ebook) – a collection of 23 western novels from the first decade of the twentieth century. Heavy on Brand and Grey, William MacLeod Raine is also here. I couldn’t resist the $.99 price.

6: The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard(ebook) – thirty tales from the author’s early days.

7: The Affair of The Wooden Boy(ebook) – Ian Doyle: Mel Odom is the author. This is one recommended from several reliable sources.

8: Fatal Beauty – Burl Barer: A true crime story. Not a big reader of this genre, though I read one now and again. I do like Burl Barer’s work though. The only real “book” this week.

Never would have thought it in the past, but I’m getting used to this ebook thing. It will never replace my books, but it has it’s place.