RAWLINS CROSS is not so much forgotten as re-establishing. The Canadian band was formed in the late eighties with brothers Dave and Geoff Panting and Ian McKinnon. Theirs is a blend of rock music with bagpipes, accordion, and mandolin. It falls into the Celtic rock genre. I first became aware of them when Sandra Ruttan posted a clip of one of their songs which quickly became a favorite. When I investigated, I was disappointed to learn they’d disbanded in 2001 and retired. Band member Ian McKinnon was kind enough to drop me a comment on my own post that the band had reunited and was recording again. The result was ANTHOLOGY, a greatest hits set with three new songs.

The line-up and instrumentation of the band is as follows:

Joey Kiltson- lead vocals, harmonica

Dave Panting – mandolin, guitar, banjo, harmonica, bouzouki, background vocals, songwriting

Geoff Panting – accordion, keyboard, backing vocals, songwriting

Ian McKinnon – bagpipe, tin whistle, bodhran, trumpet, percussion, jaw harp

Brian Bourne – Chapman Stick, bass, background vocals

Howie Southwood – drums

They’ve also just released a CD of all new material, HEART-HEAD-HANDS, which I haven’t ye picked up. But ANTHOLOGY has been ripped to my music file so I can listen while I work. And the videos accompanying the music contain extraordinary imagery, slices of life, just odd bits, that all seem to fit the music.

Here’s a few:

The first is the song that turned me onto these guys

The second clip is early in the band’s exstence. these guys were young.

and finally, a live piece while it snows:

I could go on for a while. Great band, great songs. If you don’t have this band in your collection, consider getting ANTHOLOGY anyway. it will be a nice introduction to the band.