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THE DEAD MAN: FACE OF EVIL is the first entry in a new series of e-book novels. Authors Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin lay the groundwork here for other writers, along with them one presumes, to add new tales in the coming months. Lee explains on his blog a bit about the series.

I was a huge fan of those men’s adventure novels back in the day(I even have the three .357 Magnum Vigilante novels he published as by Ian Ludlow). The Executioner, The Butcher, The Destroyer, and on and on. Mack Bolan is the last one left, though The Destroyer died only a year or so ago. As I’m also a Stephen King fan, a series that combines the sensibilities of both was an instant draw.

Matthew Cahill, just an ordinary man thrust into something extraordinary after a horrific accident changes everything. There’s an evil out there that only he can see and he embarks on a search for answers. Why did he survive? How? What is his role in all this? Who is guiding him and for what purpose? Part of it seems obvious to a bewildered man who has a new chance at life. He leaves friends and family behind, partly to protect them, partly to look for those answers.

A lot in that last paragraph are my own speculations, mixed with what the authors have revealed so far. In my mind, the mark of good fiction. i don’t like everything laid out for me. I like to figure as I read and see how well my thoughts mesh with what’s being told to us, the readers. If I figure it out, good, if not, even better. I love being surprised and i get the feeling this series is going to be one of those I have to get as soon as each is released. This first book comes on the twentieth of this month.