1: Gideon’s Sword – Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child: the latest from the bestselling thriller writers. A new character, Gideon Crew, a young man who saw his father declared a traitor and shot down at twelve. At twenty-four, his dying mother reveals he was framed and wants him to find the culprit and claim vengeance. Another group has an eye on him and his skills.

2: Kiss Her Goodbye – Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins: the latest collaboration between the two writers. Collins finishes his third Mike Hammer novel from an uncompleted manuscript by the late Spillane. Due in May.

3: Antiques Knock-Off – Barbara Allan: the fifth Trash ‘N’ Treasures novel from the writing team of Barbara Collins and her husband, Max.

4: Nolan: Bait Money – Max Allan Collins: the first book in Collins’ Parker homage series.

5: No One Will Hear You – Max Allan Collins & Matthew Clemens: the second novel in the pair’s J. C. Harrow “Killer TV” series.

6: Five Complete Novels – P. G. Wodehouse: omnibus containing five Bertie & Jeeves novels.