It’s that time of year again. The NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament begins later today. I know, they would have you believe it started Tuesday night with two games, following Wednesday with two more, now calling that the first round. We’re not tricked that easily. Those play-in games. despite what they want you to think, are simply about money, not letting in more worthy teams. I’ve already heard the ratings were terrible(they stuck them off on the lesser cable channel TRU-TV rather than CBS’ broadcast network or prime TBS and TNT cable channels.

It looks to be a competitive tournament despite the bleed-off of talent to the NBA with the one-and-done rule. No super teams, but a lot of good ones. I’m looking forward to the games these next three weekends, which possibly will slow my activities on the computer. Oh well.

The tournament is nicked “The Big Dance.” With that in mind: