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DISTURBED is a band my nephew turned me on to recently. Formed in 1995, they’ve released five albums, selling eleven million copies worldwide, making them one of the best grossing metal bands in recent years. I have two albums in my music file, 2002’s THE SICKNESS and 2005’s TEN THOUSAND FISTS. This is an effort to restore my metal street cred after admitting recently I liked a song by Simply Red.

One recent development on Youtube I’m not fond of is there inserting commercials at the beginning of videos. I understand the necessity, as on commercial televison, but I still don’t like it. Some of the following have them, some don’t, some play directly from the blog, others you click the watch on Youtube underscored phrase.

Here’s some favorites off Youtube. Some are from the two albums I have and some are from other releases. Enjoy.

This last clip deals with a serious subject. The singer Dave Draiman explains: