LIVING COLOUR played a mix of funk, metal, hard rock, and a bit of jazz. English born guitarist Vernon Reid was the mainstay with the band going through a number of lineup changes over the years. They’ve broken up, reformed, had success, both commercial and critical, though not always at the same time. For me the classic lineup consisted of:

Vernon Reid- guitars

Corey Glover – vocals

Muzz Skillings – bass

Will Calhoun – drums

That’s for the album, VIVID, where I first encountered them. Cult of Personality was the first song I ever heard from them and it caused me to run out and pick the CD up. That was in 1988.Excuse me, audio cassette first. CDs were just hitting in the late eighties/early nineties, starting to gain a foothold on the music business. I liked everything I heard on it and tried to interest a number of friends in it. Most though couldn’t get past the funk. The metal and rock were fine, the heavier the better.

Here’s a few favorites:



I remember seeing Vernon Reid somewhere on TV talking about an incident years back. He was walking home, coming from several hours of practice with the band, intent on getting something to eat and relaxing. He noticed a white woman walking ahead of him, and keep glancing over her shoulder. He had the practice on his mind and wondered, “Do I know this woman?” He finally realized she was afraid of him. This next clip illustrates the “funny vibe.”



For my money, this was their best effort, my being less than impressed by later efforts. That may just be me though.