I was lucky enough(finally) to win THE SCORPION TRAIL, the second book in the Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger series that Larry Sweazy was giving away on his blog, TENSE MOMENTS. it looked interesting and I jumped at the chance. Not familiar with his writing, or his character, I was swept into this one as I read.

Josiah Wolfe was starting life over in Austin, Texas, moving his young son and the Mexican woman helping with him(his wife and three daughters had succumbed to illness). Now he has to leave him to report to the Texas Ranger Frontier Battalion. He goes looking for his friend, Juan Carlos, brother of his late commander, to check on him and seek his help to keep a look out on his son while he’s away. Juan is wanted, but is innocent, having saved Josiah’s life. He’s hiding in the livery stable and Josiah arrives just in time to see it going up in flames.

A body, what’s left of it, is found in the charred ruins, a bullet hole in the back of the skull. Was it his friend? Josiah gets word to see a woman, Suzanne Del Toro, a madame, to find Juan. But she’s gone missing as well.

Young Ranger Scrap Elliot and Josiah head to Waco, arriving to see in the papers that another fire has happened. A Mexican couple was seen running from the scene. Was it Juan and Suzanne? What’s going on?

Josiah needs to deal with that and, at the same time, an officious Major who thinks dealing with the Indian problem will be easy. The Comanche had raided a small ranch and they were charged with tracking them down.

THE SCORPION TRAIL is available. The first book in the series, THE RATTLESNAKE SEASON is also easy to find, and the third, THE BADGER\'S REVENGE is out today.

Recommended and I’m getting the first and third soon as I can.