Late this week(see previous post).

1. Butcher’s Moon – Richard Stark: my final book in the Parker series. I’d read all but this one and owned all but this and the previous volume. Neither had ever been reprinted and cost two arms and a leg on the used book sites. Plunder Squad, the previous volume, was in my local library so I at least got to read it. The University of ChicagoPress has been publishing thse uniform editions of the first sixteen, those up to the twenty year or so break before Westlake continued the stories.

2: MacCallister; The Eagles Legacy – William W. Johnstone with J. A Johnstone: first in the new series about Duff MacCallister, last of his clan in Scotland. A man chased by the Sheriff for defending his bride-to-be from two of the man’s sons, killing one in the process, then, while trying to straighten it all out, being fired upon by said Sheriff and two deputies. Skye, his fiancee, is killed and Duff takes out the two deputies. He stows away on a freighter headed for New York, working his passage when discovered. There he meets his two cousins, twins Rosanna and Andrew, actors he’d met while they did a play in Scotland, where he learns of their relationship, and takes a job at the theater.

The Sheriff isnot one to give up, sending his other two sons and a deputy to New York to kill Duff. More Violence, The twins send him to Colorado to join their brother, the gunfighter Falcon MacCallister, a man named for their common ancestor, to help him homestead and begin a new life. But the old Sheriff doesn’t give up and a small army is hunting Duff down. Not an easy man to deal with himself, he has Falcon alongside.

A good one

3: Thunder Over Lolo Pass – Charles G. West: in reading this one, it seemed an homage to two western icons. Who does this sound Like? Patriarch Donovan McCloud, a widower with three sons. The eldest, Cullen, is a serious minded young man. Jug(a nickname from a childhood incident that has supplanted his real name) is a huge, hulking man, slow to anger, but terrible in a fight. Cody, the youngest, has a quick temper, is a ladies’ man, and is prone to lead Jug into all sorts of troubles. The second is a take-off on the “rules in a knife fight” line from Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

Another good one.

4: The Loner: Killer Poker(e-book) – J.A Johnstone: latest in the series about the man whose wife had been murdered and who became a wanderer after tracking and killing them. He searches for his two children that he never knew about, hidden from him by a nasty ex-fiancee, dead now by an accident while trying to kill Morgan.She reaches from the grave with taunting letters set up beforehand and sent out by a cousin equally hating Morgan. Traps habve been set up all along the way.

A good entry in this new turn in the series and seems to be available only s an e-book.

5: Paid In Blood(e-book) – Mel Odom: first in the author’s NCIS series. No relation to the TV show of the same name. Offered free and I thought I’d try it out.

6: Blood Crimes(e-book) – Dave Zeltserman: first in a new series offered reasonable. Thought I’d give it a try.

7: The Colossus of Mohrass(e-book) – R. J. Salter(Mel Odom I believe); a fantasy that looked interesting.

8: Rancho Diablo: Dead Man’s Revenge(e-book) – Colby Jackson; third entry in the new western series. This one’s by some guy named Crider. Couldn’t pass it up.

9 & 10: The Mike Hammer series: two volumes, twelve DVDS, seventy-eight episodes. The Collector’s Edition. I can’t help but wonder what the economy set looks like. They spell Darren with an i and the second episode title reads as Just Arounj The Corner(not my misspelling). The actual title is Just Around The Coroner. That said, the episodes I’ve watched are pretty good quality.

11: The End of It All and Other Stories – Ed Gorman: from Ramble House, a nice fat book of stories by the master.

12: Ghost Town – Ed Gorman: a western tale by Mr. Gorman in which a man pursuing old partners for his share of the loot, they got rich, he got prison, runs into something he can’t whip. Then a gang robs the bank, taking his money and more, and he has a new purpose. If he only has time.

13: Perfect .38 – William Ard: also from Ramble House, the first two books in the Timothy Dane hardboiled P.I. series. These look good.

14: Sand’s Game – Ennis Willie: a collection of tales about the ex-crime lord. Introduction by Max Allan Collins. Everything I’ve heard about these puts it near the top of my TBR pile. A third from Ramble House.

15: More Tales of Zorro- edited by Richard Starr: 16 new short stories about the masked swordsman. From Moonstone books.

16: Times Three – Robert Silverberg; nice omnibus from Subterranean Press with three time travel novels. HAWKSBILL STATION, UP THE LINE, & PROJECT PENDULUM.