!: The Rattlesnake Season – Larry D. Sweazy: first novel in the Josiah Wolfe Texas Ranger series

2: The Badger’s Revenge _ Larry D. Sweazy: book three in the Josiah Wolfe Texas Ranger series

3: The Big Country – Donald Hamilton: another western from the master. Made into a fine film with Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck, and a host of lesser stars.

4: The Pressure of Darkness(e-book) – Harry Shannon: thriller/horror novel. Don’t know a lot about this one. Read a nice review and the price was right.

5: More Sinned Against(e-book) – Dave White: collection of stories about Jackson Donne, P.I.

6: A Matter of Tea and Other Stories (e-book) – Charles T. Whipple: a collection of short stories. The profits go to help the people of Japan in their recovery from the earthquake and tsunami disasters.

7: Cast In Dark Waters(e-book) – Ed Gorman & Tom Picirilli: pirates and a bit of a horror story. Nice combination.