The Kinks were part of what history dubbed The English Invasion of the mid- to Late sixties, following in the wake of more commercially successful bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, among others of the era. They had their hits and proved to be an important band in music and British rock history. They experienced a number of lineup changes over the years, although brothers Ray and Dave Davies, the mainstays, lasted their wholw thirty-two year run. The four original members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in their first yeat of eligibility in 1990.The band finally broke up in 1996 because of creative tension between the Davies brothers and commercial failure of some recent albums.

Influencing a lot of bands over the years, I remember when Van Halen first made a splash covering YOU REALLY GOT ME, I had a disagreement with a young fan when I commented on it and he got mad that I would question Eddie and the boys. Oh, the young, forever thinking they discover everything and us old folks(though I was just barely thirty at the time) just don’t get it.

Some of my favorites over the years:

And this final clip. A funny story here. A young friend, whom I’d introduced the Kinks music to, got all excited when he realized the true subject of the song, thinking I’d never got it. If you don’t know, and probably there might be a few checking this out, pay close attention to the lyrics.

Here’s one I had to add. Been so long since I heard it, I’d forgotten until Cullen Gallagher reminded me of it. One of those how could you forget moments? Oh well, I am getting older.