1: Spycatcher(ARC) – Matthew Dunn: the story of Will Cochrane, MI6 agent now working for the CIA. He’s charged with hunting down and turning a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, part of an operation to net a bigger terrorist. Due out in August.

2: The Last Werewolf(ARC) – Glen Duncan: Jake Marlowe is the last of his kind and, though only middle-aged for a werewolf(a mere 201 years) is tired and bored with his life. He’s in a suicidal mood and thinking of finally surrendering to the Hunt, the organization dedicated to ridding the world of his kind. The leader, Grainer, has hounded him for a long time and has staked out his death as his personal trophy. But there are powers that want him kept alive. I’m reading this one now and enjoying myself. Told in the first person, it gives one a look into the mind and motivations of a monster. And the humanity. Due out in July.

3: The Dead Man: Hell In Heaven(e-book, review copy) – Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin: The third edition in the author’s, and other writers, series about Matt Cahill, a man who died, but didn’t, and now pursues an evil only he can see. Due out in the next few days. Review before this post.

4: Quick Fixes(e-book) – F. Paul Wilson: all the Repairman Jack short stories and longer pieces collected together.