Tom Keene stars in this 1933 western as Tom Allen, manager of the Sierra Mining Corporation. It’s owned by five old businessmen in town, King City, and the son, Bert King, of the sixth man who’d founded and laid out the town. The five men are a banker, a doctor, a blacksmith/mayor, a judge, and a rancher. Bert King is Tom’s assistant in running the gold mine.

Tom is a patriotic fellow who decides to go off and fight in the war in Europe, first with France and then with America when they enter the war. He leaves Bert in charge with the admonition to take care of the old men. He returns home with an American, Ed Wimpy, who he found driving a taxi in Paris, to find things have completely changed back home. Bert King is the mayor now and has an iron hand. The banker of the old men is dead, one of the others charged with the murder, the other three harking back to their younger days by breaking their friend out and taking to the hills where they become outlaws, though they don’t look at it that way. They’re merely claiming their share of the gold from Bert King.

Tom accepts a job as deputy and goes looking for the old men, like fathers to him, to convince them to come down. The Sheriff, an honest man, has promised a fair trial because he doesn’t believe in the murder charge. Tom gets them to agree and brings them in, only to learn that Bert has fired the Sheriff and installed one of his henchmen. A lynching is planned they learn.

Gangsters from the East are brought in, with a machine gun. Tom has to break them out, with Wimpy’s help in staging a fight to distract the town(Ed Wimpy is the requisite comic relief for the hero). Embezzlement comes up, the reason for the banker’s murder when he finds out.

We got fist fights, horse riding(with a couple of neat stunts done by Yakima Canutt), a chase cross country in a cab for the finale, a funny boxing match.

Merian C. Cooper of King Kong fame was executive producer and David O. Selznick was an uncredited producer.

Not a great film, but the first of Tom Keene’s I’ve seen. There were only a few reviews on IMDB. One fellow couldn’t say the word boring enough, the rest credited it as a decent film. Definitely not boring. I’ve seen better, but it was a fun film. And all packed into an hour.

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