1: Dangerous Ways – Jack Vance: from Subterranean Press, an omnibus of three mysteries by the science fiction great. Inside are THE DEADLY ISLES, THE MAN IN THE CAGE, and BAD RONALD.

2: Dreams In The Fire – edited by Mark Finn & Chris Gruber: a collection of stories and poems honoring Robert E. Howard. The proceeds go, as I understand, for the preservation and upkeep of Howard’s home in Cross Plains, Texas, a museum now. Some of the writers I’m familiar with(James Reasoner and Charles Gramlich), others not. Damn, this looks good though.

3: Shut Your Eyes Tight(ARC) – John Verdon: the second novel to feature retired NYPD homicide detective Dave Gurney, This book is a combination of thriller and police procedural. Gurney gets pulled into a four month old case that had stalled. A young bride is found on her wedding day, just before the toast, sitting in a chair with her head on a table facing the body, the weapon a machete. Nearly finished this one. Great.

4: You’re Next(ARC) – Gregg Hurwitz: Mike Wingate, abandoned at four and raised in foster care, is happily marrieed with an eight year old daughter and owns a successful construction company. Something from a past he doesn’t even remember is about to descend on him and his family.