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On Tuesday for Todd Mason’s blog, SWEET FREEDOM, I did a post on the 1934 film version of THE CASE OF THE HOWLING DOG starring Warren William as Perry Mason. I’d read this book at some point in the past. Richard Robinson covered it nicely here on The Broken Bullhorn, so for an incisive review, please read his post. The film followed the plot of the book pretty much, with a couple of exceptions. Della played a more on scene role in the film version and Paul Drake’s character was absent from the film, replaced by a nameless, in style mostly, detective.

The copy of the book I have is the 25th printing, November, 1966, of the Pocket Books paperback edition.

I enjoyed the re-read, though I agree with Richard that it was not one of the stronger entries in the series. Gardner was still feeling his way in establishing his pattern for the long running adventures of Mason. Of course, my perception of Raymond Burr in the role is so ingrained that I pictured him as I read. Probably the same for anybody else that read these books these days.