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James Reasoner is the latest author to do one of the DEAD MAN books, due out July 5th. THE BLOOD MESA has an element that has fascinated people, myself included, for many years. The mystery of the Anasazi people. Native Americans that seemed to simply abandon their homes all over the southwest. There have been all sorts of theories, some logical, some superstitious, offered up. No one knows for sure,

Matt Cahill finds himself in New Mexico, drawn toward a mesa for some reason. Not unknown as he’s positive it will have to do with his particular talents since his resurrection from the dead after being frozen three months when caught in an avalanche. To come back to life on the autopsy table was only the first strange thing he’d encountered since then. He now sees the evil in people, manifesting in rotting flesh, oozing sores, a putrid stench, that no one else can see.

Hiking along the New Nexico highway, he encounters a broke down two-and-a-half ton truck and two doctors, PhDs in archeology, Veronica Dupre and-Andrew Hammond! Right away he knows what brought him here. Hammond’s face had the telltale signs of evil that only he could see. The truck had died, they said, and it didn’t take Matt long to find the loose wire on the alternator, reattaching it and swapping out the dead battery for the spare in back. Their original driver/handyman had quit them and Matt takes the job when offered.

They were excavating an Anasazi site atop the Blood Mesa, so named because of the red sandstone that looks the color of blood when the sun hits it right. Good name, considering Hammond sitting over by the passenger door. A long and winding road to the top and Matt even sees what he thought he would on the way up: Mr. Dark and his lollipop with a little wave as he passes. Several sites are being excavated atop the mesa. Matt feels the emanations from one that tell him unearthing it will be trouble. Another appears to be a trash pit filled with human bones with teeth marks, human teeth, and no scorch marks indicated the flesh was eaten raw. Something terrible went on here twelve hundred years ago.

Soon Matt finds himself embroiled once again with that evil only he sees and all that stands between that evil and the lives of the innocent and his father’s axe and himself.

James has fashioned an action filled story to add to the DEAD MAN saga, a series that I’ve become a big fan of since it started. Along with this story is an exert form his recent ebbok of an older work, UNDER OUTLAW FLAGS, as well as an exert from the next book in the series, KILL THEM ALL by Harry Shannon.