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Hard Case Crime re-launches in September, in partnership with the Titan Publishing Group, and GETTING OFF, the new novel by Lawrence Block, written especially for HCC, kicks things off with the imprint’s first hardcover. For the occasion, Block revives an old pen name, Jill Emerson, that he used on seven novels in the sixties and seventies.

Katherine Ann Tolliver is the name she was born with, but hasn’t used in years. She moves around a lot and changes towns and names as often, as that old saying goes, other people change clothes. You see, she picks up men and screws them blind. She likes that part. Then she kills them and likes that just as much. She cleans them out of cash, not her prime motive, but why waste it, and blows town before the body is cold. She’s been doing it for years and is quite good by now.

A chance remark gets her thinking of the few men who’d spent the night with her and got away unscathed. Not a lot, and for various reasons, but they’d survived nonetheless.

And suddenly she’s a girl with a new mission. Hunt them down and cross them off her list. It won’t be easy though.

One thing you can trust with Lawrence Block. It won’t be as simple as finding and killing them. Nevertheless, she plunges in with a will. The people she meets along the way, the situations she finds herself in, and Block’s steady unwinding of all the reasons and the future for our -heroine?- make for an absorbing read.

Five stars may not be enough.