DIE, LOVER, DIE! began life as a round robin short story by the twelve authors of Top Suspense Group on their block. The idea was each would write 250 words and pass it to the next in line until it had been around twice. No planning, rewriting, or polishing allowed. The story is in two parts, the first by the original six who formed the Group, the second by the rest. The aim was to see if they could write a story that flowed and worked to a logical end, satisfying end. In the breif introduction that explained the parameters, they said it was up to the reader to decide if they succeeded.

I think they did.

The basic tale is a woman on the run from her husband with a suitcase full of his money. Accompanying her is the reason for the run: the man with which she’d had an affair. They are being chased by her husband’s men. That’s the set-up and from there we get twists galore as each author takes his/her turn.

Originally appearing on their blog, it’s now offered at a modest price for Kindle or for the Nook.

Well worth the price.