1: Getting Off(ARC) – Lawrence Block: Hard Case Crime gets back into gear in September with their first hardcover written especially for them by Block. I finished this one. Quite good. Due out in September.

2: The Consummata(ARC) – Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins: Begun by Spillane in the late sixties, it was to be the second novel in his new Morgan The Raider series. He got frustrated trying to get a movie going and set it aside. He told Max that maybe they could do something with it some time. Due out in October.

3: Choke Hold(ARC) – Christa Faust: Angel Dare returns in this sequel to Money Shot. Due out in October.

4:Very Bad Men(ARC) – Harry Dolan: Second book in the David Loogan series: Anthony Lark has a list of names. They glow, they breathe, they move. The only thing they have in common is a robbery seventeen years ago. Lark is hunting them down.

5: Die, Lover, Die!(ebook, review copy) – Top Suspense book: a round robin story by a dozen authors. Bill Crider kicks it off and other contributors include Ed Gorman, Lee Goldberg, Max Allan Collins, Vicki Hendricks, Harry Shannon, Paul Levine, Stephen Gallagher, Joel Goldman, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Naomi Hirahara, and Dave Zeltserman.