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Morgan The Raider returns in THE CONSUMMATA, a novel begun by Mickey Spillane in the late sixties, then set aside after a disappointing experience while working on the film of the first novel, THE DELTA FACTOR. He gave the unfinished manuscript to Max Allan Collins some twenty-five years later, saying maybe we’ll do something with this some day.

In preparation for reading this one, I dug out that original Morgan adventure to re-read. It wasn’t necessary as the authors did a brief summary that explained it all. It’s just the way I like to do things.

The novel opens about a year after THE DELTA FACTOR and Morgan is in Miami with the authorities closing in once more. They’re still after him for that forty million dollar heist of Federal money, which he didn’t take, and, as expected, they hadn’t believed his wife’s story of hearing the real thief’s confession shortly before he died. Morgan has only the vaguest idea of where it might be hidden, “where the first Morgan The Raider had hid his treasures,” a spot no one had found, except maybe the thief.

Morgan is bailed out by a group of Cuban exiles, and a pack of children, spirited away and hid for a day until the cops had moved on. He’s grateful and when they asked for some advice, he listens. The exiles in Miami had saved every spare nickel and dime they could to pool resources to be spirited into Cuba to help family members left behind, feed them, get them out, foment some sort of rebellion to the Castro government. Now they had been betrayed by a trusted Cuban official they thought was on their side and the seventy-five thousand dollars so carefully hoarded was gone.

Morgan knew they could never get it back. Two that had tried were already dead and they weren’t sure where the man was now. He decides to help them. A small favor for helping him.

But he quickly comes to realize there is more going on. Dead bodies start to pop up.

And, of course, there’s the mysterious Consummata. Who or what is it? And what does it all have to do with the traitorous Cuban?

One of the entries in the second month of Hard Case Crime’s return, October 4th, it can be pre-ordered here. I’m not sure what Mr. Collins’ plans are, but there is an opening for a third, and final, novel. I wouldn’t mind seeing it.